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CivCraft has greatly expanded the number of materials and items that are available in Minecraft with the goal of having a deeper, more difficult material progression than vanilla Minecraft. Each of these materials were created by using existing items, and changing their name and lore so that they now represent something different.

NOTE: This information can also be accessed in game via your Crafting Recipe Book. If you're unable to craft any of these materials, try reading the version in the crafting book. This information may contain typos or become out of date however the Crafting Recipe Book is generated from in-game data and can never be "wrong"


The materials are all divided into tiers. Each tier of material requires materials from the tier before it. There are currently 5 total tiers (0 thru 4).

Tier 0 (Базовые материалы)

Tier 0 materials are the basic materials, mostly vanilla minecraft items that you would normally get in game with the exception of Tungsten Ore, Chromium Ore, and Nether Wart. Since the nether is disabled, you must instead purchase netherwart at the Store. Tungsten Ore is dropped by breaking Lapis Ore, and normal lapis is available at the Global Market. Chromium Ore can only be found by sifting through cobblestone at theTrommel.

Slime Balls can be collected in the wild or crafted from 2 Bone and 3 Refined Sugar.

Наименование Источник
Clay Clay Blocks
Coal Coal Ore
Diamond Diamond Ore, Cobblestone in trommel
Emerald Emerald Ore, Cobblestone in trommel
Flint Gravel Blocks
Gold Ingot Gold Ore(smelted), Cobblestone in trommel
Iron Ingot Iron Ore(smelted), Cobblestone in trommel
Leather Cows, Horses
Sugarcane Sugarcane
Slime Slimes
Stick Wooden planks
String Cobwebs, Lesser Cannibals
Sulfur Lesser Cannibals
Sugar Sugarcane
Bucket Iron ingots
Bowl Wooden planks
Feather Chickens
Nether Wart Nether Wart
Tungsten Ore Breaking Lapis Ore
Chromium Cobblestone in trommel

Tier 1

Tier 1 items are unique in that, all of the recipes are the same. Each recipe in Tier 1 is the base material in Tier 0, configured in a block of 9 items.

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Forged Clay 225px
Crafted Stick 225px
Refined Slime 225px
Refined Sugar 225px
Forged Tungsten t = Tungsten ore


Carved Leather 225px
Packed Feathers 225px
Refined Sulfur 225px
Crafted Reeds 225px
Crafted String 225px
Refined Stone
Refined Wart 225px
Forged Chromium c = chromium ore


Refined Wood 225px

Tier 2

All recipes are assumed to not be Vanilla Items/Blocks (With the exception of Tier 1 Materials).

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Varnish Shapeless

1 Refined Slime
1 Refined Sugar
2 Refined Wart

Decorative Jewels Shapeless

2 Diamond Blocks

Steel Ingots Shapeless

3 Iron Block
3 Coal Block
1 Refined Sulfur

Woven Mesh Patch Shapeless

3 Crafted String
3 Crafted Reeds
1 Refined Slime

Chromium Ingot Shapeless

2 Forged Chromium
2 Refined Sulfur
3 Coal Blocks
1 Diamond

Jewelry Grade Gold Shapeless

9 Gold Blocks

Decorative Feathers Shapeless

2 Packed Feathers

Crafted Leather Shapeless

1 Carved Leather
1 Crafted String

Steel Sword Hilt Shapeless

2 Steel Ingot
2 Varnish
2 Leather Straps
1 Sticky Resin

Woven Threading Shapeless

4 Crafted String
1 Refined Slime

Crushed Stone Shapeless

9 Refined Stone

Aged Wood Stave Shapeless

3 Crafted Sticks
2 Crafted Reeds
2 Crafted String

Sticky Resin Shapeless

3 Refined Slime
1 Refined Sugar
1 Bowl

Clay Molding Shapeless

3 Forged Clay
2 Crafted Reeds
3 Crafted Sticks

Steel Plate Shapeless

1 Steel Ingot
1 Varnish
1 Clay Molding

Steel Sword Blade Shapeless

2 Steel Ingot
1 Clay Steel Cast

Milled Lumber Shapeless

9 Refined Wood

Tier 3

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Carbide Steel Plate Shapeless

1 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Clay Molding
2 Sticky Resin

Carbide Steel Ingot Shapeless

1 Varnish
2 Steel Ingot
1 Chromium Ingot

Smithy Resin Shapeless

1 Coal Block
2 Refined Sulfur
2 Sticky Resin

Compacted Stone Shapeless

9 Crushed Stone

Leather Straps Shapeless

2 Varnish
3 Crafted Leather

Carbide Steel Sword Hilt Shapeless

1 Reinforced Braid
1 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Smithy Resin
1 Clay Steel Casting

Clay Tungsten Casting Shapeless

2 Crafted Reeds
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding

Longbow Stave Shapeless

1 Aged Wood Stave
1 Sticky Resin

Carbide Molding Shapeless

2 Varnish
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding

Tungsten Ingot Shapeless

2 Coal Block
5 Forged Tungsten
2 Chromium Ingot

Masonry Mortar Shapeless

2 Clay Molding
2 Sticky Resin

Reinforced Braid Shapeless

1 Varnish
2 Woven Threading
2 Sticky Resin

Clay Steel Casting Shapeless

2 Crafted Reeds
2 Crafted Sticks
1 Sticky Resin
2 Clay Molding

Feathered Lining Shapeless

3 Leather Straps
4 Woven Mesh Patch
2 Packed Feathers

Carbide Steel Sword Blade Shapeless

2 Smithy Resin
4 Carbide Steel Ingot
1 Clay Steel Casting

Tier 4

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Tungsten Sword Blade Shapeless

3 Smithy Resin
3 Clay Tungsten Casting
3 Tungsten Ingot

Tungsten Sword Hilt Shapeless

2 Smithy Resin
2 Artisan Leather
2 Clay Tungsten Casting
2 Tungsten Ingot

Artisan Leather Shapeless

2 Leather Straps
2 Reinforced Braid

Composite Bow String Shapeless

3 Reinforced Braid
3 Smithy Resin

Tungsten Plate Shapeless

3 Smithy Resin
1 Clay Tungsten Casting
1 Tungsten Ingot

Composite Bow Stave Shapeless

2 Longbow Stave
2 Leather Straps
2 Reinforced Braid

Специальные предметы

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Флаг основания цивилизации Верстак

M = Masonry Mortar, К = Корона, S = CompactedStone

Лагерь Верстак

L = Milled Lumber, H = Chieftain's Headdress, C = CoalBlock

Royal Crown Shapeless

Proof of Leadership
3 Jewelry Grade Gold
2 Decorative Jewels

Cheiftain's Headdress Shapeless

4 Decorative Feathers
2 Carved Leather

Cheiftain's Headdress (Phase 8) Shapeless

2 Refined Feathers
2 Carved Leather

TNT Shapeless

2 Refined Sulfur
1 Compacted Sand

Ender Chest Shaped

L = Artisan Leather, P = Tungsten Plate, C = Chest

Яйца мобов

Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения
Tier 1 В разработке.
Tier 2 В разработке.
Tier 3 В разработке.
Tier 4 В разработке.


Наименование Рецепт/Способ получения Цена в торговом судне
Tier 1 Рыбная ферма 10.0 coins
Tier 2 Рыбная ферма 30.0 coins
Tier 3 Рыбная ферма 500 coins
Tier 4 Рыбная ферма 1000 coins

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