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Introduction to CivCraft[ | ]

About CivCraft[ | ]

CivCraft is something we have been working on for a long time now. Imagine civilization in Minecraft, basically individuals will be able to create towns and then use ingame gold to purchase upgrades to improve their town. Once a town is established the mayor may invite other players to become residents. Residents pay taxes and contribute to the growth of the town. As the town grows into a city and then into a metropolis new exciting structures and technologies becomes available to its residents.

Our Goal[ | ]

Your hard work and dedication is rewarded with a in-depth economy and an ocean of techs and buildings for you to research and build. Watch your city grow and prosper with 100's of other players as you build,craft,trade and conquer your way to victory.

How does the Economy Work?[ | ]

The economy is based on the exchange rate of precious metals. Diamonds, Gold, Iron and soon to be Emeralds can be exchanged for the common currency. Players can exchange their precious resources anytime anywhere, but here’s the catch. If you choose to exchange without using a town bank you will only exchange at a rate of 20%, had you used a Bank you would have exchanged at higher rate. Banks are upgrades available in towns that have invested in the bank improvement. Once constructed players may choose to exchange their precious resources at the bank and receive a much better exchange rate.

Exchange Rates[ | ]

Standard No Bank Exchange Rate: 20% Starting Town Public Bank level 1: 40% Town Bank Level 1: 40% Town Bank Level 2: 60% Town Bank Level 3: 80% Town Bank Level 4: 100%

Common Currency[ | ]

The in-game common currency received from exchanging precious resources is very powerful. It can be traded to other players, used for town upgrades and improvements as well as purchasing protected land. In the starting town(Spawn) there will be a few items available for purchase along with a public bank that you may exchange your Gold, Iron, Diamonds and Emeralds for 40% of their value. If you want to get a 100% exchange rate you will need to find a level 4 Bank.

What are the advantages to Creating/Joining a Town?[ | ]

The Wilderness is a dangerous place full of monsters and outlaws, Towns allow players to create their home and works of art in a safe environment free from the threat of greifers. Towns can also be upgraded with gold to allow more chunks of land and unlock technologies that add items to your towns shop along with better exchange rates at the town bank!

Towns & Upgrading[ | ]

For a hefty fee you can start your very own town, but managing a town is not for everyone. It takes a lot of wealth, dedication and hard work to maintain a town and find good residents to help it grow. Once you have created a town you will be able to level it up increasing the total number of chunks that you may annex along with unlocking new improvements. Improvements such as Banks and Shops may be purchased once the town has reached a sufficient level. Towns also require a daily maintenance fee that is automatically deducted from the towns treasury. If there is no money available the town will enter a state of debt and PVP will be enabled in the town until the debt as been paid in full. Mayors should be careful to have a sufficient amount of money stored in the towns treasury when planning to be away for an extended period of time preventing the town from entering debt and putting its resident’s lives and property at risk. If the towns maintenance costs are not paid for one week, the town and all of it’s residents property will be dissolved. On the 6th day, if a resident would like to pay off the towns debt they will be the towns new owner and acting mayor.

Town Levels[ | ]

  • Town Level 1: Settlement
  • Town Level 2: Hamlet
  • Town Level 3: Town
  • Town Level 4: Large Town
  • Town Level 5: City
  • Town Level 6: Large City
  • Town Level 7: Metropolis

Town Improvements[ | ]

  • Town Bank (Exchange Center)
  • Town Shop (Special Items)
  • Town Library (Purchasable enchants)
  • Town Grocery (Purchasable Food)
  • Town Blacksmith (Advanced Smelting & Overenchanting)
  • Town Lumber Mill (Generates Wood planks & Sells Raw Wood)

Mayors & Residents[ | ]

Mayors have a lot of power over a towns residents, however mayors will not be able to evict a tax paying citizen or forcefully reclaim a chunk sold to an individual resident, so a mayor should be weary of who they welcome into their town. If a resident fails to pay their taxes their plot will be put up for sale at 100% of the plots original value, but the tax due will degrade the value of the plot over time until it eventually degrades to $0. Once the plot has been reclaimed by the mayor he will have full access to the chunk and its content. A resident may leave a town at anytime, but should take measures to cut their losses if they have purchased land by salvaging their building materials and attempting to sell their chunk of land.

Getting Started[ | ]

Starting Town Arendal[ | ]

The Starting town Arendal is where everyone spawns for the first time as well as where they spawn when they die if they were unfortunate enough not to sleep in a bed before death. The town is very helpful to newbies because it offers many services to help get them started. Keep in mind the Starting Towns Improvements are inferior to all player created town improvements. Arendal features a Bank, Shop, Library and Bakery as well as a Safe Zone free of PVP.

Arendal Town Services[ | ]

New players have easy access to Arendal’s services they may visit and use each of the in town improvements. Players will want to exchange all of there Iron, gold and diamonds at the starting town bank until they join a player made town, so that they get a better exchange rate on their ore’s. Arendal’s Town shop offers a few cheap blocks for sale and the Bakery offers fairly priced food. The library offers a starter crafting table with a limited number of levels available for enchant.

Safe Zones[ | ]

The only Safe Zones in the world of CivCraft is the Starting Town and the player created towns-- when not at war. Everywhere else is unrestricted PVP.

Tips[ | ]

  • For your first time playing, join a Civilization to learn the ropes.
  • Set up a farm and get bread for your long house as soon as possible.
  • A camp raid lasts 2 hours
  • Mining pays the bills early game.
  • Your camp takes in coal every hour.
  • A Tick is 1 hour
  • When placing a town -- try and get a balance of stats, but Growth is unimportant.