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Overview[ | ]

The town hall is an important structure when it comes to war and must be defended. If the town hall is destroyed by the opposing civilization, then this town is defeated. See Capturing A Town for more info. If the town defeated is the Civilization's capital, then the civilization is defeated. See Defeating A Civ for more info.

Control Blocks[ | ]

Unlike other structures which can be destroyed by simply breaking blocks, the Town Hall has special control blocks which must be destroyed before the Town Hall is considered defeated.

  • Each control block as a set of hit points and is made from the same material so they break at the same speed.
  • The control blocks are located in various locations on the first, and second floors of the town hall and will require teamwork or a mountain of gear to take down.
  • Each time a control block is destroyed, the respawn time for the opposing team becomes longer.

Respawn Times[ | ]

During WarTime, each player in each Civilization that is at war will respawn in the War Room located at the top of the town hall. The war room is sealed off. Players cannot leave or enter the war room. After the respawn time for each player is up, they will be able to right click a sign to choose to either teleport to the War Camp, Town Hall, Capitol or Barracks which will allow them to re-enter the battle. For every control block that is destroyed, respawn will take 30 seconds longer for members of that town. NOTE: It is by designed that players are not able to interact with players in the war room.

Capturing Capitals[ | ]

The Capitol structure is like a bigger beefier town hall. However this structure has 8 build-in Arrow Towers and 8 instead of 6 control blocks, making it significantly harder to capture rather than a Town Hall. On the other hand, capturing the Capitol is also more rewarding since capturing the capitol results in capturing the entire civilization instead of just a single conquered town.

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