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This is the wiki for CivilizationCraft. If you are looking for the CivWar mod wiki, please go here and update your bookmarks accordingly.


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Overview[ | ]

A player's backpack contains many useful contents displayed in an interactive GUI. This includes the ability to build structures, use perks, view world diplomacy, and much more. If you lose your backpack, you can access it again by entering the command /backpack. You can also toggle your backpack off with the same command.


Items Inside[ | ]

Row 1:

Player Head: Displays the player info such as Civilization and/or City-State name, player money and religion.

Item Frame: These toggle various settings such as combat messages, item drop alerts, etc.

Stone Sword: You can view the world's diplomacy status such as global wars, allies, peaces, and hostiles.

Book: Reserved for quests coming in the future.

Sea Lantern: These include the player's structure templates and perk packs

Enchanted Books: Displays all the Civ-War custom recipes are displayed here.

Row 2:

Brick Stairs: List all the structures you can build by Category.

TNT: Will pick up the structure that is nearest to you destroy it if you have the appropriate permissions. Do not move once you have commenced the destroy command or it may destroy the building that you are then next to.

Paper: Opens up a link in your default internet browser to view the tech tree.

Row 3:

Flower Pot: Sends an invitation request to a player add them to your town.

Written Map: Displays the link to the Dynmap of the world.

See Also[ | ]

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