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A Bank.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Written Laws
Build Cost: 2,250 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 100 Coins
Hammer Cost: 1,700
Civ Points: 1500
Hit Points: 200
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Selling Metals and Gems

Overview[ | ]

Banks are extremely useful because they allow you to exchange at a much higher rate than the '/resident exchange' command. The level of the bank governs the rate of exchange. Banks can be upgraded to Level 10 to reach the max exchange rate of 200% actual ore value. The Starting town Bank is level 1 and will exchange at a 40% rate. So if you were to exchange 1 gold ingot you would receive 80 Coins because 40% of the gold ingot's value (200 Coins) is 80 coins.

Banks are costly to build and upgrade. If you are not a member of the town that the bank is in, you will be required to pay a minimum of 5% non-membership fee. For example, if you were to exchange 1 gold ingot at a Level 1 bank that you were not a member of, you would only get 76 coins due to the 5% non-membership fee. All Bank fees collected go directly to that bank's town treasury. Because of this, being mayor of a town with a high-level bank can be very profitable.

Banks can be affected by certain Trade Good buffs - specifically Greed and Barter. Obtaining these resources can be a boon both early and late game.

Functions[ | ]

Exchange[ | ]

The bank has the ability to exchange iron, gold, and diamonds for coins. To use the bank, simply click on the Banker Npc.

Level Rate Iron Gold Diamond Emerald Upgrade Cost Tech Required
1 40% 8 coins 80 coins 160 coins 200 coins Free Religion
2 50% 10 coins 100 coins 200 coins 250 coins 4,000 coins Code of Laws
3 60% 12 coins 120 coins 240 coins 300 coins 6,000 coins Writing
4 70% 14 coins 140 coins 280 coins 350 coins 12,000 coins Monarchy
5 80% 16 coins 160 coins 320 coins 400 coins 14,000 coins Currency
6 90% 18 coins 180 coins 360 coins 450 coins 16,000 coins Economics
7 100% 20 coins 200 coins 400 coins 500 coins 18,000 coins Nationalism
8 120% 24 coins 240 coins 480 coins 600 coins 20,000 coins Construction
9 150% 30 coins 300 coins 600 coins 750 coins 22,000 coins Innovation
10 200% 40 coins 400 coins 800 coins 1000 coins 24,000 coins Scientific Method

Note that the Barter trade good buff increases your exchange rate by 5% of the base rate, and that Barter is stackable. In other words, if your normal exchange rate is 80% and your town has one trade good with Barter, your exchange rate will actually be 85%. If you have two trade goods with barter, your exchange rate will be 90%!

The modified exchange rate is calculated as follows:

Exchange rate = Base Exchange Rate * [ 1 + (0.05* (# of Barter buffs)) ]

Note that at Bank Level 10, the barter buff increases the exchange rate by 10 percent as opposed to 5 percent.

Bank Commands[ | ]

Upgrade your bank with - /town upgrade buy Bank level (x)

Upgrade you bank interest level with - /town upgrade buy Bank Interest level (x)

Change bank tax charged to non-residents - /town set bankfee (%)

Interest Mechanics[ | ]

In addition to upgrades for the bank exchange rate, a different set of upgrades is available that will grant your town interest every 24 hours on the coins held in the town treasury. Your bank DOES NOT start with this ability, you will have to purchase the upgrade first in order for it to enable interest. These upgrades are available in four increments:

Interest Level Cost Interest Rate Tech Required
1 2,000 coins 0.75% Writing
2 4,000 coins 1% Currency
3 8,000 coins 1.5% Nationalism
4 16,000 coins 2.5% Innovation

The interest earned daily is calculated based on the "Principal" amount listed in town info. It is simple interest, compounded daily.

Interest Earned = Principal * Rate

Your town's principal is determined by the smallest amount of coins in the town treasury over the previous 24 hours. In essence, when upkeep ticks, your town will be granted interest based on the smallest principal since upkeep ticked the previous day.T14

This is an important concept, because delaying a series of big purchases or an expensive research project until after the current day's upkeep tick will net you a larger interest payout!

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