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A Bank.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: ?
Required Technology: Written Laws
Build Cost: 2,250 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 100 Coins
Hammer Cost: 1,250
Civ Points: 1,500
Hit Points: 200
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: ?

Overview[ | ]

Banks allow you to exchange ores for money at a much higher rate than '/resident exchange'. The level of the bank decides the rate of exchange. Banks can be upgraded to a max exchange rate of 200% actual ore value (Level 10). The starting Town Bank is level 1 and will exchange at a 40% rate. So if you were to exchange 1 gold ingot you would receive 80 Coins because 40% of the gold ingot's value (200 Coins) is 80 coins.

Banks are costly to build and upgrade. If you are not a member of the town that the bank is in, you will be required to pay a minimum of 5% non-membership fee. For example, if you were to exchange 1 gold ingot at a Level 1 bank that you were not a member of, you would only get 76 coins due to the 5% non-membership fee. All Bank fees collected go directly to that bank's town treasury. Because of this, being mayor of a town with a high-level bank can be very profitable.

Banks can be affected by certain Trade Good buffs - specifically Greed and Barter. Obtaining these resources can be a boon both early and late game.

Modifiers and Effects[ | ]


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