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Some Barracks.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 2x2
Required Technology: Armory
Build Cost: 15,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 1,000 Coins
Hammer Cost: 2,100
Civ Points: 3,000
Hit Points: 700
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Training Settler

Overview[ | ]

Allows training of spies and settler. Cancels 1 unhappiness from agressive war. Can be used as a spawn point during war. Can repair spy unit. Can be used to teleport back to war room during war. Having no barracks or a destroyed/incomplete one during wartime in the town will increase the respawn time in that town hall or on defensive captain by 10s.

Modifiers and Effects[ | ]

War UnhappinessLose 1 war-unhappiness if you are at war and this structure is built.

See Also[ | ]

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