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What they do[ | ]

Beakers are what allow you to advance your civilization technologically. While your hammers let you build and construct buildings, beakers let you research new technologies to expand your civilizations horizons. These techs can expand your trade, military, and productive capabilities.

Where to get them[ | ]

Beakers are found in almost every chunk of the world. A simple '/t survey' will let you survey the number beakers of in your surroundings.

How to Win with them[ | ]

In order to win the Scientific Victory, you must have Enlightenment researched. You technically don't NEED to research armor techs to achieve this, but all other civilizations will war you in an attempt to stop you, so it is strongly recommended.

Researching[ | ]

The number of beakers represents the number of beakers gained per hour. That means if you have 1 beaker and the tech you are researching requires 60 beakers, it will take you 60 hours to Research that tech. An equation to solve for this would be:

 Required Beakers ÷ Civ Beakers = Research time (in real-world hours)
 Example: Religion requires 500 beakers. The Civ has 100 Beakers.
 500 ÷ 100 = 5 hours

Technology Cost Modifiers[ | ]

The beaker cost of a Technology displayed on the Tech Tree is just the base cost of the technology. The actual beaker cost of a technology is mainly affected by the following factors:

  • Each native town in your civ will increase the base cost by 5% (This does not include your Capital)
  • Each conquered town (founded by a different civ) in your civ will increase the base cost by 3%
  • For each civ that has already researched a tech, the base cost of that tech will be reduced by 5%
 For example, if you have three towns in your civ excluding your capital, and two other civs have already researched the technology, the cost will be 100% + 5(3)% - 5(2)% = 105% of the base cost

Tax conversion[ | ]

You can also use taxes as a way to gain beakers. Your leaders can set your civ's tax rate, the maximum possible rate is dependent on your Government. But you also need to have a science percentage. It is best to have it at 100% if you want to maximize beaker output. This is easier to explain by using an example. Commands; /civ set taxes (max rate depends on your government) /civ set science (between 0-100)

In this example, we have a Communist government, which has its taxes set at its 20% max tax rate (again, every Government has another max tax rate). We also have a science rate of 100%

Let's say you have 3 towns all gaining 5,000 coins per hour; this makes 15,000 coins in total. 20% of this goes into the civ,

 15,000 x 0.2 = 3,000 coins

Science percentage[ | ]

The science percentage generates 1 beaker for every 15 coins. So in this case:

 3,000 ÷ 15 = 200 beakers

So you make 200 beakers extra at the hourly tick.

There is also a policy that generates 1 beaker per 12 coins. So in our example, that would mean,

 3,000 ÷ 12 = 250 beakers

So you make 250 beakers extra at the hourly tick.

The The Great Library will increase this by 30%. Meaning that the 250 beakers get multiplied by 1.3

 250 x 1.3 = 325

So you make 325 beakers at hourly tick

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