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A Camp.

Camp Information
Chunk Area: 2x2
Build Cost: Camp Item
Upkeep Cost Per Hour: 4 Coal
Hit Points: 50
Special: Starting Shelter

Overview[ | ]

The Camp is a special structure that allows players to deploy a cheap, semi-safe, temporary shelter while saving up the coins to make a civilization or while searching for one to join. The camp contains a Longhouse with a door that can only be opened by members of the camp, a small Garden capable of growing crops, and a small machine called a Sifter which acts like a smaller version of the Trommel. Players are limited to one camp per player at any one time, and players cannot be a member of a camp and a town at the same time. The leader of the camp may invite others to their camp, granting them access to the camps garden, sifter, and longhouse.

The longhouse contains an enderchest which allows individual residents to keep their valuables safe from outsiders, as well as other camp mates. Inviting new untrusted members to your camp is a great way to get to know them, without exposing yourself to too much risk. You can use camps as a staging ground to weed out the bad eggs and keep the best, most productive members to be your future civ mates! Choosing your camp members is still very important, as you'll need people whom you can trust to help you work towards your goal, while not drawing too much attention to your camp's location.

All camps should be considered temporary. Camps can be destroyed by either raiding parties, or by new civs being founded near or on-top of your camp. Because of this, you should not invest too much time into your camp; consider it a very temporary living situation at all times.

Constructing a New Camp: Material Requirements & Recipe[ | ]

Notice: Your first camp is free with token given at start, icon is a Door.


H = Chieftan's Headdress

L = T2 Milled Lumber

R = Coal Block

Camp Craft Recipe:


Other Recipes:

3 T2 Milled Lumber = 27 x T1 Refined Wood (9 Logs in a crafting table) = 243 Logs

3 Coal Block = 27 x Coal

1 Chieftains Headdress = 2 Refined Feathers = 18 Feathers (9 Feathers in a crafting table)

+ 2 Carved Leather = 18 Leather (9 Leather in a crafting table)

Grand Total Base Materials:

Logs: 243, Coal: 27, Feathers: 18, Leather: 18

Properties[ | ]

Camp Upgrade Garden: $500

Camp Upgrade Sifter: $500

Camp upgrade Longhouse: $500

PVP: Enabled

Block protection: Only blocks in the camp template are protected. Any blocks placed by players are not!

Maintaining a Camp[ | ]

To maintain a camp you must keep the main campfire burning. If the campfire goes out your camp will be instantly destroyed. To keep the campfire burning strong you need place coal in the furnaces next to the campfire. Every hourly tick the camp fire will either lose a flame or gain a flame depending on whether or not it had coal to consume. The campfire consumes four coal an hour and will last 48 hours after construction, if no coal is added.

NOTE: There is an issue that allows players to "put out," or remove, the fire blocks in the campfire. Doing so will NOT affect your camp fire or the health of your camp. When the next hourly tick comes by, the fire will regenerate.


Camp Features[ | ]

Garden Upgrade


Once the Garden upgrade has been purchased, you will be able to grow crops in a small garden, within the camp, at vanilla growth rates. The garden growth is not given to the blocks on the y-axis, so you will not be able to layer the garden. Bread is a needed Longhouse requirement, so the garden is important.

Sifter Upgrade


The Sifter works like a trommel, but only generates gold nuggets and iron when fed cobblestone. Place cobblestone in the deposit box, and it will be slowly consumed and turned into gravel, with a small chance of generating iron or gold nuggets.

Longhouse Upgrade


The Longhouse is the safe house; it allows players to safely store their items inside the ender chest. If you add Bread to a Longhouse, it will generate Token of Leadership. Token of Leadership are needed to make a Badge of Leadership. And a Badge is needed to make a Proof of Leadership. Which is essential to make a Founding Civilization Flag.

NOTE: You will need 61 bread in total

NOTE: If you put items in the Longhouse to get the Civ-Flag and your camp gets destroyed, you will lose the materials and not receive the flag!

PVP[ | ]

PVP is enabled inside the camp, so you must be cautious of strangers who enter your camp uninvited. The longhouse inside the camp will protect you, as long as your door is closed. Nobody can access the door to the longhouse, except camp members; so it can be used for safety against unwanted guests.

Tips[ | ]

Using camps can be hugely helpful in saving up money for civs however, if you are not careful they can also be expensive. Due to camps size and unique shape they can draw large amounts of attention to your position, so it is wise to avoid building them in high traffic areas such as spawn and near large civs. You need to be especially careful not to place camps in spots that are coveted by new civs. If your camp is built in a nice spot that a civ leader wants, they can simply build on top of your camp and it will be destroyed. TLDR: When building a camp avoid high player traffic areas and always keep your most valuable items in the ender chest. Also, it may serve you good to place a ladder and make a room in the attic type area of the camp. This helps when you are forced to place chests that will be no protected. People often block glitch in the windows and open your unprotected chests and furnaces.

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