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A Camp.

Camp Information
Chunk Area: 2x2
Build Cost: Camp Item
Upkeep Cost Per Hour: 4 Coal
Hit Points: 5000
Special: Starting Shelter

Overview[ | ]

The Camp is a special structure and is the first step on the journey to creating a civilization. The camp is a temporary shelter which is somewhat safe from outside threats. The Camp's primary defense is its longhouse, specifically the door, which can only be opened and closed by camp members. It is important to remember that this will not always keep you safe, as for two hours every day, the camp can be raided and destroyed. Fortunately, the longhouse also contains an enderchest, so you are able to save your items in case your camp is destroyed. The Camp is upgradeable with three options to choose from: the longhouse, the garden, and the sifter.

Making a Camp[ | ]


Maintaining a Camp[ | ]

Camp maintenance revolves around firepoints. Each camp has 24 firepoints at its creation, and the number of firepoints will change depending on whether or not the campfire is fed with coal. Each hourly tick, the campfire will attempt to consume 4 coal. If there is 4 or more coal in the fireplace, the campfire will consume 4 coal and will gain 1 firepoint (up to a max of 24). If there is an insufficient amount of coal in the camp on the hourly tick, the camp will lose 1 firepoint. if the camp reaches 0 firepoints, it will be destroyed.

Camp Upgrades[ | ]


Purchasing the garden upgrade costs 500 coins and allows you to grow wheat, carrots, and potatoes. Unlike Farms, you cannot layer gardens on the y axis. It is recommended to grow wheat on the garden, as you will need bread in order to create a civ.


The longhouse upgrade costs 500 coins and is the gateway to founding a civilization. Once stocked with the required materials, the longhouse will give you a civilization founding flag, as well as 25,000 coins.


The sifter costs 500 coins and is essentially a worse version of the Trommel, and is regarded by most civcraft players as near useless. However, it can be useful in a pinch. Each cobblestone deposited has a 10% chance to become a golden nugget, and a 2.5% chance to become an iron ingot. The other 87.5% of cobblestone will become dirt.

Raiding a camp[ | ]

(this sections needs additional information to be completed) For two hours each day, camps can be raided. They have 5000 hp, and regenerate 2 hp every second.

The Next Step[ | ]

In order to move on from the camp phase, you must deposit the following materials into the longhouse.

Item Number
Iron Block 64
Coal Block 64
Gold Block 32
Redstone Block 16
Lapis Block 16
Diamond Block 8
Emerald Block 1
Slime ball 64
Brick 64
Oak Log 256
Cobblestone 2304
Bread 256

Once these materials are deposited and an hourly tick has passed, you will be granted a civilization founding flag as well as 25,000 coins.