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Civ Commands[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ Lists all of the current civ commands and a description of each. Everybody
/civ banner Allows the managing of the civilization's banner Leaders
/civ info Shows you information about the current civ you are in. You will only see treasury information if you are a leader or an adviser.

Subcommands are available, see below for more info.

/civ top10 Shows the Top 10 civs in the server, going with their names & what their scores are. Everybody
/civ victory Shows which civs are close to victory and how long it will take them to achieve it Everybody
/civ revolution Starts a revolution against conquering civs. See Revolutions. Leaders of Conquered Civ
/civ disbandtown [town] Disbands the town you specify. Mayor of the town must also issue /town disbandtown. Everybody
/civ townlist Displays a list of towns inside your civilization. Residents
/civ show [name] Shows the public information for the civ named [name] Everybody
/civ deposit [amount] Deposits this amount into your civ's treasury. Everybody
/civ withdraw [amount] Withdraws this amount from your civ's treasury. Leaders
/civ list Shows you a list of all of the civilizations in the world. Everybody
/civ gov Manage your civilization's government. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ research Manages your civilization's research. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ time View information about upcoming events such as the next WarTime or trade ticks. Everybody
/civ set Set various civilization properties. Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ group Manage groups in this civilization(leaders and advisers). Subcommands available, see below. Leader/Adviser
/civ dip Manage civilization's diplomacy. Subcommands available , see below. Everybody
/civ claimleader If the leaders of your civilization have not logged in in 7 days, use this command to claim leadership. Citizens
/civ members Shows all members of your civilization. Green = Online and Red = Offline. Citizens

Civ Info Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ info online Shows who is online in the civilization. Everybody
/civ info upkeep Will show what the civ has paid in upkeep last tick and breaks it down on a per-town basis in the event that town's could not pay their upkeep. Everybody
/civ info taxes Will show what the civ collected in taxes the last tick on a per town basis. Everybody
/civ info beakers Will show how many beakers are being generated for the civ and where they come from. Everybody

Civ Research Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ research list Shows the available technologies that your civilization may research. Leader/Adviser
/civ research progress Shows the progress on the technology you are currently researching. Leader/Adviser
/civ research on [tech] Starts researching the technology called [tech]. Leader/Adviser
/civ research change [tech] Stops researching the current technology and switches to a new one. All progress on the old technology is lost. Leader/Adviser
/civ research finished Shows all of the researched technologies in this civilization. Leader/Adviser
/civ research clear Clears your entire tech queue. Useful for players who have purchased the perk bank Leader/Adviser
/civ research remove [tech] Clears one specific tech from your queue Leader/Adviser
/civ research era Shows your civs current research era, the highest research era received, and the bonuses your civ is receiving if it is below the highest era. Leader/Adviser

Civ Group Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ group add [name] Adds the player named [name] to the leaders or advisers group. Only leaders/founder may add additional leaders. Leader/Adviser
/civ group remove [name] Removes the player named [name] from the leaders or advisers group. Only leaders may remove other leaders. Leader/Adviser
/civ group info [name] List members in either the leaders or advisers groups. Leader/Adviser

Civ Set Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ set taxes [percent] Sets the income tax rate on towns underneath your civilization. Leader/Adviser
/civ set science [percent] Sets the percentage of income tax generated from towns that will be used to purchase beakers. Leader/Adviser
/civ set color [html color code] Sets the civilization's culture color on the dynmap to this [html color code] Leader/Adviser

Civ Diplomacy Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/civ dip show [civ] Shows the diplomatic relations for the civilization named [civ]. If no civ is provided, it shows the diplomatic relations of your civ. Everybody
/civ dip declare war] Declares the target civilization [civ] as hostile, war, or independence. Can only declare independence if you are a vassal to [civ], and you can only declare war or [civ] hostile if you are not a vassal to [civ] Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip request peace|ally] Sends a request to this civilization's leaders and advisers to change the diplomatic relationship to neutral, peace, or ally. Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip respond no] Responds with yes or no to the current diplomatic request. Only one request is made at a time and expires in 30 seconds. Leaders/Advisers
/civ dip global Displays all diplomatic relationships in the server. Everybody
/civ dip wars Shows all of the currently active wars between civs Everybody
/civ dip liberate [town] Allows you to give back the named town to its owner. If you give back the capitol, the entire civ is given back. Leaders

Market Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/market Shows the HELP for the command. Everybody
/market buy [towns/civs] Lists the Towns or Civs that are for sale Leaders/Advisers
/market buy [towns/civs] [name] Buys the named town or civilization Leaders/Advisers

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