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Overview[ | ]

Civics are unique bonuses that can only be unlocked once you have constructed a Capitol and become a Civilization. They are researched in a similar manner to technologies, except instead of beakers determining the rate, your civilization's culture output determines how fast civics research. Civics are divided into tiers, and you require a specific amount of civics researched to progress into the next tier. Each civic costs more culture and more coins than the previous one researched. The tier of a civic makes no difference when determining its cost.

The formula for determining the coin cost of a civic is 10,000 *((Amount of civics researched) +1)

The formula for determining the culture cost of a civic is 7500 *((Amount of civics researched) +1)

Additionally, catch up mechanics apply to both the culture and coin cost for civics. For every civ that researched a given civic, its culture and coin cost decrease by 3% of the original.

Civic List[ | ]

Tier Civic Name Description
1 Expansionist Your settler units are trained 25% faster and cost 25% fewer coins
1 Pillager Destroying a structure during war now returns the repair cost
1 Aquaculture Your farm growth is increased by 20% while on or within one river chunk
1 Experiment Your libraries produce 10% more beakers per unique goodie in the town
1 Citizenship Stores, Groceries, and Libraries offer their deals for 50% fewer coins
1 Naturalist Each river chunk within your town's culture generates 3 culture per hour
2 Tier 2 Civics require 2 civics to be researched
2 Happy Meal Your cottages generate coins 3 extra times during the daily upkeep tick
2 Dark Arts Provides the punch enchantment in all of your libraries
2 Irrigation Farm yield is doubled, but your civilization's growth rate is reduced by 40%
2 Cheap Labor Your Bakeries, Windmills, and Trommels process items 30% faster.
2 Refining Your Blacksmith's smelting rate is increased by 25%, but it takes 25% longer
2 Scholars in Residence Technologies from previous eras cost 20% fewer beakers
2 Hydration Your Farms grow 35% faster during rain or storm
3 Tier 3 Civics require 5 civics to be researched
3 International Trade Company For each civilization that has researched this civic, all of your towns income
3 Forbidden Scroll Provides the fortune 4 enchantment in all of your libraries
3 Underwater Drilling Increases all deep ocean chunks hammer by 1.5
3 Potency Your civ can use level 2 potions
3 Heavy Arrows Your arrow towers deal an extra 2 damage
3 Longevity Your civ can use extended potions
3 Scientific Breakthrough The first technology you research per era is done 50% quicker
4 Tier 4 Civics require 8 civics to be researched
4 Conservation Your cottages and pastures no longer lose levels while starving
4 Specialized Forgery Your forging has 10% less fail rate
4 Exportation Your shipyards and stables can reach anywhere in the world. Your trade income increases by 10%
4 Flavoring Spice increases cottage consumption by 50%, but increases output by 25%
4 Mass Production Catalysts are completed 20% faster but have an extra 10% fail rate
4 War Efforts Your units and defensive structures are done 25% quicker while at war against a top 5 civilization
4 National Guards Respawning inside a town hall gives you absorbtion 2 for 30 seconds
4 Civil Engineering You may construct a building at the same time as a wonder
5 Tier 5 Civics require 11 civics to be researched
5 Scientific Productivity 5% of your towns hammers are used as beakers while your town is not building
5 Cloning Your pastures generate 100% more eggs
5 Entertainment All of your towns gain 5 happiness points
5 Scorched Earth Your cannon towers now light the ground on fire
5 Private Military Your units level up 25% faster
5 Regenerative Coating Your defensive structures slowly regenerate their health
6 Tier 6 Civics require 14 civics to be researched
6 Blitzkrieg Your warcamp has 150% bonus hitpoints, also allows civ leaders to mark a location to have all your residents teleported to at the start of wartime (Cannot be inside enemy culture)
6 Technocrat Finishing a technology grants you 7 hours worth of culture in all towns
6 Focussed Health Your towers will always target the player with the lowest health in range
6 Monument Builder Wonders cost 10% fewer hammers if another civilization is building it, but it will cost 15% more hammers if you are the only civ building it
7 Tier 7 Civics require 17 civics to be researched
7 Satellite Your Scout Tower range covers your entire culture, but you may only build 1, and its report rate is halved.
7 Geology Your mines level up twice as fast
7 Deep Sea Fishing Increase all deep ocean chunks happiness by 0.03 and growth by 0.5
7 Production Investment Increase your beaker rate by 10% at the cost of 10% hammer rate
7 Information Network Towers within two chunks of a Scout Tower or Scout Ship gain 25% bonus range
7 Architecture Increase hammer rate toward wonder by 10% but reduce hammer rate toward structures by 15%
8 Tier 8 Civics require 21 civics to be researched
8 Focussed Iris Your Arcane Towers apply stronger curses but the range is reduced by 75%
8 Astral Energy Your Mage Towers now apply glowing for 5 seconds
9 Tier 9 Civics require 24 civics to be researched
9 Capitalism Three random trade goods in your capital are 20% more effective
9 Hedonism Unique trade goodies generate 2 bonus happiness
9 Balanced Income Your town's trade rate is increased by 50%