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Civilization Management[ | ]

If you are the Founder of a Civilization, you have your work cut out for you. You'll have to be the mayor of the capitol as well as leader of your Civilization. As the leader of a Civ your responsibilities are to research technology and manage diplomatic relations. This section details how to manage technology, and diplomatic relations.

Technology[ | ]

All Structures that can be built require technology research before they can be constructed. Some structures and technology require prerequisite town levels before they become available.

Tech Tree[ | ]

Just like in Civilization technology is needed before town improvements are available. In order to see what technologies are available when click the Tech tree link below.

Tech Tree

Diplomatic Relations[ | ]

Upkeep & Debt[ | ]

Upkeep is a maintenance cost that every town in the server must pay to keep the lights on. The cost of the 24h daily upkeep cost varies depending on the level of the town. If the upkeep is not paid and the town goes into debt for more then 5 days the town is put up for auction. Once the town is up for auction the debt can no longer be repaid and is subject to new ownership if it is sold. The price of an auctioned town is calculated by multiplying the combined tiles of the town by $1,000. Once a player has purchased the town they become the new mayor with full control over it from that point on.

24h Daily Upkeep Cost per based on Town Level

Note: Upkeep does not stack the new rate is applied every level

Settlement - Upkeep $500

Hamlet - Upkeep $750

Village - Upkeep $1,250

Large Village - Upkeep $2,000

Town - Upkeep $3,500

Large Town - Upkeep $5,500

City - Upkeep $7,000

Large City - Upkeep $8,000

Metropolis - Upkeep $10,000

Capital- Upkeep $15,000

The Capitol Town of a Civ will have its upkeep increased for each Town under it's control. In addition, the upkeep for each of these towns is increased the farther away from the Capitol they are.

Improvement Fee Improvement fee's are collected when a non resident uses one of the towns improvements and can be adjusted to 5-15%.

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