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Resident Book[ | ]

When you first log in to CivCraft, each player is given a special "CivCraft Info" book. When you right click the book to open it, you will have access tutorial information on hand. The book also contains the important information about the custom materials and recipes used in CivCraft.

You do not need to keep the book in your inventory. You can drop the book and use the command /resident book to get it back at any time.

Crafting Recipe Categories[ | ]

There are several major categories of recipes, divided into tiers.

  • Gear - Tiered custom weapons and armor that is required in game to fight mobs and players.
  • Materials - The materials you'll need to craft the custom weapons and armor.
  • Special - Other recipes that are required for specific purposes items that let you found a Camp and a Civilization.

Item Recipes[ | ]

To find out how to craft an item, click over one of the items in the inventory and it will display the requirements on it's lore. There are two types of recipes in Minecraft, shaped and shapeless.

Shaped Recipes[ | ]

These recipes require particular materials in particular positions. On the lore you'll see each material assigned a letter, that letter corresponds with a position in the 3x3 crafting bench matrix. The matrix is also printed on the lore of the item.

Shapeless Recipes[ | ]

These recipes only require a certain number of materials in order to craft. So the amounts and types only need to be printed. However there is one large gotcha in that if you have more than 1 material of the same type, it needs to be on a separate slot. This is so that you can 'stack craft' the recipe to make many copies of it quickly.

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