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Personal Debt[ | ]

Personal debt is debt that residents owe to their town because they didn't have money for their property tax when it was due.

Paying Personal Debt[ | ]

In order to pay town debt simple type the following commands.

Command Parameters Description Access
/resident debt Shows the amount of debt you have. Everybody
/resident debt pay Pays your current debt. Must pay all debt at once. Everybody

Town Debt[ | ]

Town debt is when a town has run out of money in it's treasury and has not been able to pay its daily upkeep. If the debt is not payed within 5 days your town will be put up for sale. If the town does not sell it will dissolve after 2 days of auction.

Paying Town Debt[ | ]

In order to pay town debt and to keep it from going into debt again, simply make sure the town treasury always has at least enough coin to pay for the daily upkeep of the town.

Command Parameters Description Access
/town deposit[amount] put money into the town treasury, if there is debt it will be paid. Everybody

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