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Diplomatic Messages[ | ]

The /dm command helps you send, read, and reply to diplomatic messages sent to and from your town. It will allow you to accept treaties as well as reply to them with a custom message for that town.

Each of the commands below begin with /dm and then a space.

Command Parameters Description Access
/dm Lists all currently held diplomatic messages. Mayor, Assistants
/dm send [to-town] [type] [message] peace_treaty|cease_fire|declare_war|surrender|independence) Mayor, Assistants
/dm read [message#] Reads the message specified by the message id. You can get the ID for a message by listing them with the /dm command. Mayor, Assistants
/dm reply decline|yes|no] Sends a response back to a diplomatic message. The agreement will immediately take into effect. Mayor, Assistants

Diplomacy Command[ | ]

The /diplomacy or /dip command will show your town's current relationships to any other towns. If a town does not appear on this list, then your relationship to that town is neutral.

Command Parameters Description Access
/dip Lists all current relationships between your town and other towns. Everyone

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