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Eviction[ | ]

Eviction is a process by which you can remove members from your town. Members are protected from being evicted on a moments notice to prevent griefing from Mayors to Residents. If a resident does not own land, they can be removed from town at any time using '/town evict <name>'.

Evicting a Resident With Land[ | ]

To Evict a resident with land, type '/town evict <name>'. Once that command is accepted, a countdown of 1 week beings in which that player must find another town to live in and most their stuff. After the 1 week period is over, all of their owned chunks are reclaimed by the town and can be resold or used for other purposes.

Evicting From A Single Plot[ | ]

You don't have to evict a resident completely from town. You can also do it on a per-plot basis. In order to evict a resident from just a single plot, stand on the plot and type '/plot evict'. The resident will again be given a week to move their stuff from the plot, after which the plot reverts back to the town's property and you can do with it as you please.

What To Do If A Resident Is A Bad Apple[ | ]

The most powerful thing you can do as a Mayor is to remove them from all town groups (especially the Residents group) and then evict them. This gives the resident you're removing some time to pack up their stuff and leave, and also allows you to remove the resident and reclaim any plots they were given.

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