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Fortified wall

A picture of single segment

Structure Information
Chunk Area: N/A
Required Technology: Fortification
Build Cost: per segment 500 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 600 Coins
Hammer Cost: 0
Civ Points: 250
Hit Points: 1000
Limit Per Town: Unlimited
Special: Defense Wall

Overview[ | ]

Walls are an important defensive structure for towns that allow your town to secure areas. Unlike normal walls you could build out of blocks of your own, this structure prevents enemies from burrowing underneath it, forcing enemy players to either go over the wall, or through it. This makes walls incredibly useful in helping secure areas and preventing subterranean assaults. Walls have hit points and can be destroyed, they can also be built next to towers, making them very formidable.

Constructing Walls[ | ]

A wall "segment" only takes up 3 block wide x 10 blocks high x 1 block length. This allows walls to be placed in any area and configuration much like other structures. A wall "section" is 3 block wide x 10 blocks high x variable blocks length. See the tutorial below for placement considerations.

When you place a wall using the /build Fortified Wall, no matter the length of the wall section, it will be considered a single wall for war purposes. If any segments of the wall are destroyed during war, the entire section created during that /build Fortified Wall placement will also be destroyed.

/build fortified wall

Walls Tutorial

Wall Costs[ | ]

Fortified wall2

A picture of single segment

Each wall segment (3x10x1) currently costs 250 coins. A single 3x10x1 segment will end up costing 250 due to the logic of a start and end position being build in the same 3x10x1 area.

Example: For a wall length of 100, if you build two wall sections, each of length fifty, it will cost [(50 * 250) * 2] = 25000. When attacked during war, there are 2 wall sections of 50, each with its own hit points. If one of the wall sections is destroyed, 50 segments will be destroyed.

Every chunk that has a wall section in it costs 250 coins per day in upkeep.

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