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What is the purpose of CivCraft?[ | ]

Your main goal in CivCraft is to build your way from a small camp to a conquering empire and claim victory! 

You have to research your way through the technology tree to move through the different technological eras and gain access to better buildings.  All the buildings are built for you and provide your Civ with the different resources and bonuses you need throughout the game.

Expand your claim on the map by training settlers to build more towns.  Take advantage of nearby trade and strategic goodies to give your Civ perks. Become a trade town and setup a market, grocery and bank for other players to use.  Build and train your units in preparation for the weekly war so you can conquer smaller Civs or delay larger Civs from reaching victory.  Plan your town layout for the high efficiency, the best defence, or just to look the best!

So whether you join the server with a group of friends to be the next great victors, join an existing Civ to learn from the veterans, or attack the learning curve and branch out on your own, now is the time to get hooked on CivCraft!

Getting Started[ | ]

One of the first things you need to set out to do is start a Camp. Every new player spawns with a camp in your inventory. A camp will give you a safe place to store your stuff for the night and also provides some tools that will make Founding A City-State easier.

Placing A Camp[ | ]

In addition you need to be at least 1000 blocks away from spawn before placing down your camp. To place your camp you must be not be within another Civ's culture. This includes Spawn. Use the dynmap to see where other Civs are located and their culture boundaries.

Once you have a suitable location, right click on the ground with your camp door. You will be prompted to enter in a name for your camp. Once you have named your camp, the structure will be generated. No one can access your camp, unless you leave your door open so don't forget to lock up before you leave!

You can invite friends to join your camp using the camp commands. Your camp also becomes your new spawn point.

Global Market[ | ]

The Global Market can provide you with early game resources or supply you with items that are difficult or are not able to be found in the wild. You can also sell these items to make coins. Inside the Global Market you will find a Clerk. Right click the Clerk to talk to him and view the items to buy or sell. The price of the items is determined based on the supply and demand in the server. As players buy items, the buy price goes up. As they sell them, the sell price goes down. In order to purchase items, left click on the item you wish to buy and type in the desired amount into the anvil bar. In order to sell items, right click on the item you wish to sell and do the same thing.

Exchanging Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds[ | ]

Selling Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds is the best way to make coins. Early game exchanging can be done at the Spawn Bank or by using the /res exchange command. Both options will provide you with poor exchange rates, so it is best to locate a higher bank within another Civ. Make sure you are nice to other players, as they may not grant you access to their high level bank!

Joining A City-State or a Town in a Civilization[ | ]

Joining a City-State or a Civilization is the best way for new players to learn about CivCraft. The Leaders and Mayors will worry about keeping the town running and paying their bills, while you can expand your knowledge and hone your skills. As a member of a town, you will be able to have access to all of its plots and buildings. However, it is up to the mayor of said town to give you access to those plots and buildings. The longer you play and the more active you are, the quicker your mayors and leaders will trust you.

Many Civs have rules for their members to ensure people contribute in the development of their Civ. This may include being frequently active, being available for weekly war, mining, farming, and more. Make sure you know the requirements of your civ to avoid being evicted and to earn their trust so you can work your way up the ranks.

There are as many different types of leaders as there are people in the world, so you should find one that suits you. There is a 12 hour cool down period once you leave a town, before you can join another one. Note that stealing will give you a bad name on the server, and it will be much more difficult for you to join another civ. Also, having an alt account in a different Civ or City-State is a punishable offense, so you cannot be in more than one civ at a time.

Joining a Civilization and Creating your Own Town[ | ]

Starting a town inside an existing civilization has many benefits. You will gain all of the technologies researched by the Civilization and will benefit from trade with the other towns in that Civilization. However, in order to start a town of your own, but still be part of an existing civilization, you will need to be active and trustworthy. First, you must join a town that is already part of the civilization, be it the capital or some other town. After you've joined you must convince either the leader of the civilization, or the mayor of the town to allow you to construct a Settler (for more info see Units). Once you become a settler, you can journey out into the wild and claim an area for your town. NOTE: After the Town Hall is built, claiming further plots (chunks) has a monetary cost associated with it. When you've found the spot you wish to found your town in, use the Settler to make your town.

See Town Commands

Once you have created your own town, see the section below titled "Town Management" to learn how to manage your town.

Founding A City-State[ | ]

There are many great benefits for creating your own city-state. You are your own boss for starters! As a new player, starting your own City-State is a great way to learn all about Civ-War. It's a steep, but very rewarding learning curve!

First of all, you must gather the required materials to craft the "Founders Flag" item. This is used to place down your Town Hall and founds your City-State. It is recommended that you work with a group of friends to share the load and gather your resources faster. Going solo will take longer and requires dedication, but it is still not impossible. Working with friends also means that your tasks as a City-State and as a Civ are shared. You will be able to progress quicker and earn more money with more members in your Civ.

Once you have all the resources for the National Flag in your inventory, talk to your Camp Manager (You can find more info about your camp manager Here ). He will then take your resources and return the National Flag to your mail at the next daily upkeep. You can find out when that will be with the command /civ time. In the meantime, go hunting for a good location for your Town Hall and think about what you want to call your civilization and first town. 

The biome will impact the types of mobs that spawn and the rate of hammers, beakers, happiness and growth in your town. Using /town survey command will show you the statistics of the location you are standing in.  The location of your capital should be based on how you want to play the game. 

Once you've found the location simply take the National Flag item and right click on the ground. Type into chat what you want your civilization to be called.  It will then ask if you're sure, if you are and type yes, your civ's Capitol will begin building, throughout the whole process, you're able to cancel by just saying "Cancel."

Please see the Founding A City-State page for more detailed info.

Town and Civilization Management[ | ]

Welcome to your new Civ!

To keep your Civ and Towns running, there are a few things you need to know and manage.

Upgrading a Town[ | ]

As you move through the tech tree, you unlock different buildings and different levels for your buildings and town levels. To upgrade to these new levels, you need to use the /town upgrade command.

Upgrading your town level, will increase the number of plots you can claim, and the number of available tile improvements.

You can find all the upgrades here.

Town Treasury[ | ]

All of the town's money is kept in the town treasury. All of the town's upkeep fees, upgrades, tax profits, trade profits, cottage profits and construction fees are automatically deducted or added to this account. If your town cannot pay it's upkeep, the amount it was overdue will be paid by the Civilization it belongs to. If you cannot pay your upkeep for one week, the town will go up for sale. If your town is up for sale for more than 6 days, it will be disbanded.

Structures[ | ]

Structures are the backbone of town development. As mayor, it is your goal to create the perfect blend of town structures to maximize your town's performance and efficiency. Some structures provide active benefits to your town's residents such as the BankTrommelBlacksmithLibrary, and Store. Others provide passive benefits to things like your town's culture such as a Monument or a Temple. Others yet, can be used defensively such as the Cannon Tower or Scout Tower, each of these structures comes with an upkeep cost and may offer your town new upgrades.

To build a structure, use the "/build" command. Most buildings require structural validation and will throw up an error message if there's not enough of a supporting base. Other buildings can only be built in certain biomes. Read up on each structure on their pages to learn more about their purpose.

Researching Technology[ | ]

By researching technology, you move your Civ through the technological eras and unlock more technologies and buildings. You also need to unlock research to craft weapons and armor. Reviewing the [tech tree] before you build your town hall is always a good idea to plan out a research path, to unlock the buildings in the most efficient manner for your Civ to reach their goals.

Read up on more info here:

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