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A Grocer.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Hunting
Build Cost: 1,500 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 150 Coins
Hammer Cost: 1,300
Civ Points: 2,500
Hit Points: 200
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Food Purchase

Overview[ | ]

The town grocery is an improvement that supplies food items for restoring health and hunger. It offers 4 different types of food but only 1 is unlocked per level. Levels for the grocer are unlocked by first obtaining the proper technology, and then by researching the upgrade using the '/town upgrade' command.

Functions[ | ]

Purchase Food[ | ]

By clicking the signs at the bedrock pillars, you can buy the types of foods listed. The Grocer will tell you the items for sale, and any non resident member fees you may have to pay if you are not a member of the town that owns the grocery.

Set Non-Resident Fee[ | ]

The mayor and his assistants can set the non-resident fee charged by the grocery with the following command:

  • /town set grocerfee [5-15] – “Changes the non member fee to a minimum of 5 or max of 15 percent”

Upgrades[ | ]

Level Unlocks Price of Food Tech required Price of Upgrading
1 Cooked Fish 8 Coins Hunting 0 Coins
2 Cooked Chicken 15 Coins Trade 5,000 Coins
3 Cooked Pork 20 Coins Commerce 20,000 Coins
4 Golden Carrot 30 Coins Global trade 25,000 Coins

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