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Hammers in CivCraft represent a town's productivity and determine how fast towns can build Town Structures, Wonders and Units. Having a high hammer rate is important because it allows your town to quickly adapt to changes, build units faster, and most importantly win production races while building Wonders. Hammers are always being generated over time whether you're using them or not. If your town is not producing anything, the hammers generated are lost. The hammer cost for each of the structures, wonders, and units listed on this wiki show you how long each is going to take in real time.

Obtaining Hammers[ | ]

Starting Hammers[ | ]

The amount of hammers generated by a town is determined by the Biomes which surround it. In general, Mountains, Hills, and Forests provide more hammers than other kinds of Biomes. Please see the page on Culture to view the exact amount of hammers each Biome will give you.

For a starting town, consider 100 hammers to be "average". Meaning if you've found a place with more than 100 hammers, you'll be looking good on production! The hammer rates of some locations may vary than others, so its worth your time to check scope places out using the '/town survey' command.

Mines[ | ]

The most surefire way to get more hammers for your town is to construct more Mine. Mines are Tile Improvement structures that provide a static amount of hammers and can be leveled up using redstone. By putting your redstone into the mine's chest, it will gain levels and produce more hammers. Certain Biomes recieve extra hammers when a mine is built on them. For more information please read the Mine page.

Random Events[ | ]

Some Random Events can produce hammers. Please see the Random Events page for more information.

Mechanics of Hammers[ | ]

  • You are not able to build more than one structure at a time.
  • Structures are given preference over Wonders. If you're building a wonder and you start a structure, your wonder production will be halted for at least 10 mins while the structure builds.

Calculating Build Times[ | ]

Build time can be calculated using the following formula:

 Required Hammers ÷ Town Hammers = Build Time (in real world hours)
 Example: The Store requires 900 hammers. The town has 525 hammers.
 900 ÷ 525 = 1.7 hours
 0.7 × 60 = 103 minutes

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