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Making Coins[ | ]

Coins are an important part of CivCraft, just as money is an important part of real life. However, coins don't just grow on trees. Making coins is an important process, especially if you want to run a civilization or a town. There are many different ways to make money, some of which are detailed here. Not all of these methods are usable to gain personal money, however, some add the money directly to the town treasury.

Mining[ | ]

One of the easiest ways to gain your coins is mining. You can use the Bank at spawn, or other civ's banks, to sell Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds. You can also sell your the cobblestone you find at the Global Market too. Also with your cobblestone, you can use a Camp sifter to get gold nuggets and iron ingots.

Cottages[ | ]

If you are in a civilization with the researched tech for a Cottage, you can build Farm plots to grow crops to put into the Granary (Only the Wheat {AKA Bread}, Carrots, and Potatoes are used in the granary until it is a level 6 Cottage, then it will also ask for raw porkchop. The Granary takes the food out automatically & feeds it to a Cottage. That Cottage then produces money, which goes into the town's treasury. There are 5 main levels of a Cottage, and the Bonus Level 6.

Your Happiness level and the Government that you're in will change the amount of money you will produce. To help boost your money output, you can research Taxation to get double the cottage output, and build more cottages. Be careful! Remember you need to farm a lot to keep your cottages from not starving.

Trade Goodies[ | ]

If you're in a civilization with the tech researched for Trade Goods, you can then take the trade goodies you have built from their item frames located on the bedrock pillars, only if you are a mayor or an assistant, that spawns when you make a trade outpost. You then put them into your town hall in 1 of the 8 trade goodie signs. Every hour the town will automatically collect money from the trades and will put the money into the town's treasury.

Global Market[ | ]

You can check out the Global Market at spawn, which has a variety of items you can sell. The prices in the market go up and down based on the people who use it server-wide who buy/sell items in it. If the price is green, the price has been rising. If it is in red, then it's been falling. If the price is black, then the price is the same. It is usually only black if the server just started or if its database was reset. Items are added to the market when people sell, and removed when people buy.

Levels Of Mobs[ | ]

There are different levels of Custom Mobs. There are Lesser, Greater, Elite, and Brutal levels. Mobs are Yobos, Behemoths, Savages, and Ruffians. When you first start out, you can only attack Lesser Mobs. But as you get tech for better armor and weapons, you can attack the higher tiered mobs. It is a good idea to make a circle-shaped pool where Yobos, and Behemoths can swim to delay when the attack, or making them slower, allowing you to kill them faster. Ruffians are ranged with a 'TNT gun', and are hard to kill.(Needs Update)

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