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A Library.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Productivity
Build Cost: 5,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 500 Coins
Hammer Cost: 2,100
Civ Points: 5,000
Hit Points: 250
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Enchanting items

Overview[ | ]

The library allows your town to purchase enhancements and players to add them onto items.

To use the library, hold the item you wish to have enchanted in your hand. Next, you will right click on the NPC villager inside the structure.

Since enchanting tables are disabled, the library is the only place where you can get vanilla and custom enchantments on tools.

A library is a very important building if you want to be a competitive civilization.

Functions[ | ]

Modifiers and Effects[ | ]

BeakersGives a 5% beaker boost to your town.

Enchanting and "Enhancements"[ | ]

To add enhancements, use the '/town upgrade' command.

If you wish to clear the enhancements, you can reset the library's upgrades using '/town reset library' BUT you will not get refunded the money you spent on the upgrades.

Upgrade Requirements[ | ]

Level 1 (Free) Level 2 5,000 Coins (Artillery) Level 3 50,000 Coins (Efficiency) Level 4 75,000 Coins (Education) Level 5 100,000 Coins (Adv. Efficiency)
Efficiency I 1,000 Coins Efficiency II 2,500 Coins Efficiency III 5,000 Coins Efficiency IV 7,500 Coins Efficiency V 10,000 Coins
Unbreaking I 5,000 Coins Unbreaking II 10,000 Coins
Silk Touch I 2,500 Coins Fortune I 5,000 Coins Fortune II 7,500 Coins Fortune III 10,000 Coins
Looting I 100 Coins Looting II 2,500 Coins
Feather Falling I 7,500 Coins Feather Falling II 10,000 Coins
SoulBound 5,000 Coins
Depth Strider 10,000 Coins

Enchanting Costs[ | ]

After an enhancement has been purchased for the library, it can be applied to an item at the following costs:

Enchantment Cost
Efficiency I 15 Coins
Efficiency II 75 Coins
Efficiency III 200 Coins
Efficiency IV 750 Coins
Efficiency V 1,500 Coins
Unbreaking I 250 Coins
Unbreaking II 750 Coins
Fortune I 750 Coins
Fortune II 1,500 Coins
Fortune III 3,000 Coins
Silk Touch I 1,000 Coins
Looting I 50 Coins
Looting II 250 Coins
Feather Falling I 1,000 Coins
Feather Falling II 2,000 Coins
Depth Strider 3,500 Coins
SoulBound for Tier 1 1,000 Coins
SoulBound for Tier 2 5,000 Coins
SoulBound for Tier 3 15,000 Coins
SoulBound for Tier 4 30,000 Coins

Special Enchants[ | ]

These enchantments are only obtainable if you build The Great Library.

Enchantment Cost
Fire Aspect II 50,000 coins
Fire Protection II 25,000 coins
Flame 50,000 coins
Punchout 20,000 coins
Unbreaking III 1,500 coins
Infinity 5,000 coins
Knockback I 5,000 coins

Library Commands[ | ]

/build library - "Builds a library in the plot you stand"
/town upgrade list library - "Shows a list of available library upgrades"
/town upgrade buy [enchantment] [enchantment level(in roman numerals)] - "Purchases an enchantment for the library"
/town upgrade buy library level [1-5] - "Upgrades your town's library to the given level"
/town set libraryfee [5-15] - "Changes the non member fee to a minimum of 5 or max or 15 percent"
/town reset library - Removes socketed enchant(Costs 1500 and you lose all enchants previously purchased.

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