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Civilizations[ | ]

Leaders[ | ]

Leaders have the "every" mayor ability except being able to withdraw from the town's treasury. Leader can evict towns from civilization. When towns are evicted, they go up for sale(auction?) if not sold, then they will be deleted(protections removed)

Money/Treasury[ | ]

A Civ has a treasury and each town has its own treasury. Each town, pays taxes to the civ. Each town pays its own upkeep. If the town goes into debt, it takes from the mother civ, if the civ goes into debt, it goes up for sale, like in Civ-War18. After 1 week the towns go up for sale as if evicted, after a total of 2 weeks all unsold towns and the unsold civ get disbanded.

Leaders research techs out of the civ treasury, and build structures in *other towns* with the civ treasury. For their own town, they use the town treasury.

How Technologies get researched[ | ]

Shared technology, every town inherits the tech from its parent civ. Tech costs coins to start researching, then costs time(aka beakers). Tech trading NOT allowed. (possibly add steal tech for spy)

How new towns are formed[ | ]

Town must produce a settler, Settlers cost coins and hammers.

Diplomacy reworks?[ | ]

War[ | ]

When a town is conquered[ | ]

When a town is conquered it goes into a "liberation" mode, where the technology is inherited from the old civ, the taxes are payed to the conquering civ, the upkeep is still(and always) paid by the town. When the town goes into debt, it goes "up for sale" which the conquering civ gets "first dibs" to buy.(1 week?) Then they go up for general sale.

When a civ is conquered[ | ]

Civs can surrender, or they can lose their capital town. Once defeated they become a vassal and pay a percentage of their GDP to the conquering civ. After the vassal period is over then all of the conquered towns return to the control of the conquered civ. Independence fee will lift the vassal early and is dependent on the civ's score. More score = more cost to be free. Wonder production halted in Civ that is vassal, wonder perks given to conquering civ while a vassal AND while town is conquered(if the town has that wonder).

Towns[ | ]

Town levels?[ | ]

Town upgrades[ | ]

Independence from a Civ[ | ]

Banding towns/merging civs[ | ]

Trade[ | ]

Trade will work almost the same except for some new concepts which will change how trade is used significantly (and actually, you know, encourage trade)

New Trade mechanics[ | ]

Custom Items[ | ]

Well use the LORE data in items to create new "custom" items are generated by each trade outpost. Each trade outpost will only have 1 item it generates, which is destroyed and respawned every (week?). This item can then be transported to your town and placed in an itemframe on the trade depot? structure. These items will then give your town a passive bonus to hammers, coins, or growth ... etc.

How to limit per town?[ | ]

The trade depot structure will use lets say 4 item frames, limiting the towns total good usage to 4. The items do not stack, so towns will be forced to diversify by looking for different items.

Intra-town trade[ | ]

Trade outposts will continue to generate coins (probably not as many). But the items they produce can be slotted in your town, or a town anywhere in your civ. The items can also be traded/transported to other civ's where they will then use the items for their means. Bandits can steal your items during transport, so be sure to be on the lookout when transporting these goods. (enderchests nerf?) These items should NOT be able to go into enderchests.

Permission/Group system[ | ]

Overview of what I have currently[ | ]

Multiple groups per plot[ | ]

Cottages =[ | ]

Rework due to hoppers?[ | ]

Town Management Website[ | ]

Is it worth it?[ | ]

New Buildings[ | ]

Aqueduct[ | ]

Increase growth rate

Stable[ | ]

Spawns livestock (eggs)

University[ | ]

Allows you "train scientists" + passive bonus to beakers. (Scientists might generate beakers by brewing potions)

Library[ | ]

Different, Will have 4 slots instead of 1. Sells books.

Blacksmith[ | ]

No more extra smelt.

Bank[ | ]

Interest on town treasury?

Mint[ | ]

replaces bank, no emeralds.

Docks/shipyard[ | ]

Required for ocean trade.

Trade depot?[ | ]

required for land based trade? Maybe houses item frames to stash custom items in?

Trommel Changes[ | ]

Decrease initial trommel rate from 60 cobble per min to 1 cobble per min. Base rate on # of mines and hammer rate, perhaps: cobblerate = (1+(0.5*Mines))^hammerrate Decrease Initial trommel exchange rates? Make trommel exchange rate based on hammerrate, perhaps: rate = (0.02 + (damp^(hammerrate-1) - 1) let damp = 1.006 for starts.

Templates[ | ]

How many sets?[ | ]

=== What to charge for? Prices?

Rules for custom templates[ | ]

Other perks[ | ]

Donation ranks[ | ]

coins[ | ]

"Map Markers"[ | ]

Allows individuals to place a marker on the map, effectively naming an area.

Enhancements[ | ]

- Clean up hourly spam... perhaps a /town lasttick command that shows what happened last tick for a specific town, same for civs. The only spam every hour is a notification and a reminder for the command you need to use to check what happened. - Add "karma" or "morale" to civs so that bullying smaller towns or being the aggressor can *progressively* cost you more. - Add a town score to each town that counts its structures and upgrades improvements, etc. The town scores add up to make a Civ score used in karma calculations.