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A pasture.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 2x2
Required Technology: Hunting
Build Cost: 2,500 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 500 Coins
Hammer Cost: 1,400
Civ Points: 1,000
Hit Points: 500
Limit Per Town: Unlimited
Special: Allows Animal Breeding

Overview[ | ]

In CivCraft normal animal breeding is disabled. The pasture is a 2x2 tile improvement which allows you to breed animals. Once you've researched Animal Husbandry you'll be able to breed animals at your pasture. Each time you breed an animal, the baby that is produced is counted towards that pasture's maximum animal count. When the pasture reaches its max, you will no longer be able to breed animals from that pasture until you kill some of them off.

The pasture remembers which animals were bred at which pastures, so taking them out of the pasture will NOT decrease the pasture's animal limit.

The animal limit for pastures is set to 30 animals per pasture. The type of animal does not matter. To get more animals than 30, you'll have to build more pasture improvements.

When you place wheat inside of the chest in the middel of a pasture is will generate spawning eggs for Cows, Sheeps and pigs. It is possible to level this benefit. Just like cottages.

Pasture Level System[ | ]

The amount of eggs the pasture produces, depends on the default eggs generated per hour. You get +1 egg for every 750 Growth in the town which its placed in. When the research "Fertilizer" is researched you will get 50% more eggs from growth.

  • Cow = Cow Egg 2
  • Sheep = Sheep egg
  • Pig = Pig Egg
Level: Eggs/Hour: Consumption/hour: Hours Until Level Up:
Cow Egg 2 Sheep egg Pig Egg
1 4 0 0 20 Wheat 48 (2 Day)
2 6 4 0 58 Wheat 96 (4 Days)
3 8 6 0 82 Wheat 192 (8 Days)
4 10 8 4 146 Wheat 240 (10 Days)
5 12 10 6 190 Wheat 288 (12 Days)
6 14 12 8 234 Wheat Maxed

Placement Considerations[ | ]

Like all Tile Improvements, pastures can be built anywhere inside your town's cultural borders. If they are built outside the borders of your town, it will be difficult to protect the animals that are being kept inside since anyone will be able to build or dig their way into the pasture.

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