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Policies are in-game buffs that can bring benefits to your capitol/civilization, but some policies may also yield negative affects.

How to Choose Policies[ | ]

Policies are gained through your Culture level. Every time your culture levels up, a new policy is unlocked. You are given three policies per Culture level, but have to choose one of them, only within the three options for that level.

The Taj Mahal and Notre Dame wonders give abilities for a different policy flow.

Policies Available[ | ]

Culture Level Options Name Buffs
1 1 Capitol Hammer Increase your capitol hammer rate by 7.5%.
2 Capitol Beaker Increase your capitol beaker rate by 12%.
3 Capitol Culture Growth Increase your capitol culture and growth rate by 8.5%.
2 1 Capitol Happiness Increase your capitol happiness by 1.5 for each culture level.
2 Civilization Happiness Increase your civilization happiness by 5.
3 Wonder Happiness Increase your civilization happiness by 1.25 for each wonder that is building or has been built in the world.
3 1 Extra Hammer Biome Each chunk with less than 0.75 hammer gain an extra 0.5 hammer.
2 Extra Happiness Biome Each chunk with less than 0.03 happiness give an extra 0.015 happiness
3 Extra Beaker Biome Each chunk with less than 1 beaker gain an extra 0.35 beaker.
4 1 Focused Cottage Gain an extra +15% coin per cottage.
2 Focused Bank Gain +7.5% extra bank rate
3 Focused Trade Gain +15% coins from trade goods.
5 1 Extra Defense Hitpoints Your defensives structures have an extra 30% hp and an extra 1 hp/6 sec regen.
2 Extra Tower Range Increase the range of all tower/ship by 25 block.
3 Control Block Hitpoints Increase your control block HP by 25.
6 1 Conqueror 50% chance to deal an extra damage against control block.
2 Saboteur 75% chance to deal an extra damage vs all structure.
3 Scrambler Enemy towers has 25% chance to not fire on your resident
7 1 Cheaper Research 5% discount on research cost and beaker.
2 Better Science Tax Reduce the cost of beaker to 10 coins instead of 15.
3 Scientific Breaktrough Increase your highest beaker town by 20%.
8 1 Sovereignty As long as you have 4 towns of less all your towns gain no Unhappiness from other Towns.
2 Spread Empire Your town recieve 66% less unhappiness from distance to Capitol.
3 Large Empire Your towns will get 1 extra unhappiness with 10+ towns instead of 5+.
4 Luxury Your Capitol is always Ecstatic.
9 1 Cultural Beacon Your capitol recieve 75% more culture
2 Extra Culture Increase your culture rate across the civilization by 10%.
3 Cultural Masterwork Trade Good give +35 culture each.
10 1 Scientific Focus Increase your beaker rate globally by 17.5%.
2 Dominator Increase damage against capitol by 2. Increase damage against structure/cb by 1 , civilization can't start a revolution anymore.
3 Architect Increase culture output across the civilization by 15%, also decrease wonder cost by 10%.
4 World Trade Increase your cottage and trade rate by 25% , Also increase your bank rate by 10%.

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