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NOTE: /resident can be abbreviated to /res

Command Parameters Description Access
/resident Lists all of the current resident commands and a description of each. (same as "/resident help") Everybody
/resident info Shows information about yourself. Includes which groups you belong to. Everybody
/resident perks Shows the template packs you bought. Everybody
/resident refresh Refreshes your templates if you just bought one. Everybody
/resident show [name] Shows the public information about the resident named [name] including which groups they belong to. Does not show treasury information. Everybody
/resident paydebt Pays off your current debt, in full. Debt is not paid automatically, if you do not pay your debt you will be kicked from town. Everybody
/resident toggle Toggles resident modes. Everybody
/resident friend Manages your friends. Friends obtain permissions on plots you own as-if they were the owners. Subcommands available, see below for more info. Everybody
/resident resetspawn Resets your spawn point back to Spawn Town to over-ride the last bed spawn point. Use this if you are re-spawning in a trapped location. Everybody
/resident exchange [material] [qty] Exchange gold, iron, diamonds, or emeralds at 30% nominal value. This command can be used anywhere, no need to return to spawn. Everybody
/resident book Places a Civ-War tutorial/crafting recipe book in your inventory. Everybody
/resident timezone [timezone] Allows resident to set their own personal timezone used to display times in '/civ time' command. Everybody
/resident outlawed Shows resident which towns (if any) has them outlawed. Everybody

/resident timezone list will show the timezone options but it's longer than fits on one screen so is listed here: TimezoneList

Resident Friend Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/resident friend list Lists your current friends Everybody
/resident friend add [name] Adds friend named [name] to your friends list Everybody
/resident friend remove [name] Removes friend named [name] from your friends list Everybody

Resident Toggle Command[ | ]

Command Parameters Description Access
/resident toggle map Toggles the text map. Shows in ASCII Everybody
/resident toggle showscout Toggles display of scout tower messages. Everybody
/resident toggle backpack Toggles spawning with a backpack Everybody
/resident toggle scoreboard Toggles an informational scoreboard that updates every few seconds Everybody
/resident toggle titles Toggles displaying of on screen titles Everybody
/resident toggle showciv Toggles display of CIV messages. Everybody
/resident toggle showtown Toggles display of Town messages. Everybody
/resident toggle info Toggles display of information about attributes generated by a chunk as you enter it. Everybody
/resident toggle combatinfo Toggles display combat information. Damage done/received during battle with monsters and players. Everybody
/resident toggle itemdrops [All/Rare/None] Toggle display of items you pick up in your inventory. Everybody

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