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What is a Revolution?[ | ]

If your civilization has lost it's capitol in a war, not all is lost! In order to become free again you have the option of staging a revolution agaisnt any civilizations that own your towns.

When Can A Civilization Revolt?[ | ]

  • A civilization can only revolt after a having been captured for at least three days.
  • Towns under a civilization cannot revolt on their own, the Capitol must capture them back.
  • The captured Civilization's leader must start the revolution.

Price Of A Revolution[ | ]

Gathering supplies and inciting revolts is not cheap! You'll need to pay some coins to get the revolution started. Here are some of the factors which effect your revolution cost:

base_cost50,000 Coins
coins_per_town10,000 Coins

Revolution Cost = base_cost + (# Of Towns)*cost_per_town + (Your Civ Score)*cost_per_point

Coins are paid to the server, not the master civilization.

There is a limit to what a revolution can cost, the maximum cost is 1 milion coins.

What Happens When A Civilization Revolts?[ | ]

When a Civilization revolts, all of it's towns are returned to the owning civilizations control and the civilization declares war on any owner of any of it's old towns. By surviving the war and not being recaptured, the revolution is considered a success.

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