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Structure Information
Chunk Area: N/A
Required Technology: Masonry
Build Cost: 300 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 50 Coins
Hammer Cost: N/A
Civ Points: 200
Hit Points: 1000
Limit Per Town: N/A
Special: Gives speed when used.

Building Roads[ | ]

In order to build a road you must first have Masonry and a fair amount of coins. To find out how many coins a road is going to need take the number of blocks between the two points and multiply it by the cost per segment. That will give you a good estimate.

To start building a road type '/build road' you will be given 2 markers. Place the markers at the starting and end points of the road segment you'd like to build. If you have enough coins the road will appear immediately.

Roads can only be built in 50 block segments in order to reduce server lag and for upkeep reasons. Each road you place will cost the upkeep listed in the table above.

Fast Travelling[ | ]

Since the nether has been disabled, roads are now the pirmary method for fast travelling across the map. Roads give you a 50% speed boost that allows you to go faster, its not as fast as the nether was, but its still better than speed pots or minecrart tracks. Using a horse on a road gives you a 10% speed boost.

Raiding Roads[ | ]

Roads can be raided by players in other towns after they are built. This prevents you from 'griefing' with roads out in the wilderness. Roads are attack-able during a 2 hour window when they were built, much like the Camp.

Destroying/Demolishing[ | ]

Destroying and Demolishing a road does not remove the blocks generated by the road. Those must be removed manually.

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