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Store1 civwar

A side view of a Store, accompanied with a desert village in the background.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Commerce
Build Cost: 2,500 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 250 Coins
Hammer Cost: 1,300
Civ Points: 2,000
Hit Points: 200
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Buy & Sell Nether Items

Overview[ | ]

The Store structure is used to purchase vanilla nether items used in brewing potions, along with other nether materials such as quartz and glowstone. Since the nether is disabled in CivCraft, the store provides a way to obtain nether items.

Buying Items[ | ]

Once the town mayor has purchased a store upgrade, you will be able to buy that material from the store by using that NPC Villager inside of it. The item inside the store menu will display the item's name, price of the item, and any non-resident member fee you may have to pay if you do not belong to the town that owns the store. Note: When you click on an item to buy, you will be able to type the amount of that item you want.

Store Commands[ | ]

  • /town upgrade list store – “Shows all available store items”
  • /town reset store – resets your stores stocked items (WARNING: you will not be refunded for the stocking cost!)
  • /build store – Builds Store structure
  • /town upgrade buy stock store with [item] - Stocks store with specified item if possible (Note: this cannot be done if there is not an available slot in the store)

Upgrades[ | ]

Note: Buying Price will be for 1 item, meaning buying 64 items (a stack) will cost Buying Price * 64.

Item Name Stocking Price Buying Price
Soul Sand 350 Coins 320 Coins
Netherrack 350 Coins 320 Coins
Nether Brick 350 Coins 250 Coins
Quartz 350 Coins 320 Coins
Blaze Rod 350 Coins 25,000 Coins
Magma Cream 350 Coins 25,000 Coins
Magma Block 350 Coins 2,500 Coins
Glowstone Dust 350 Coins 2,500 Coins

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