Techs - AncientEdit

Cost - done, double checked

Prereqs - done, double checked

Leads to - done, double checked

Quotes - done

Action required - done, but need to be verified.

Techs - ClassicalEdit

Cost - done, double checked

Prereqs - done, need to be double checked Xarler- did it

Leads to - done, need to be double checked Xarler- did it aswell

Quotes -Xarler- Also did those and double checked them

Action required -

Here's how to do it, step by step.

1. Go to each tech here

2. For each prereq/leads to, ensure you have a link for the tech.

3. To do this, in edit mode, you'll see B (bold), I (italics), then a link button. Click the link button.

4. Target page or url is Ancient_Era#Techname (I find it very handy to have Ancient_Era# copied to clipboard) - remember to have underscores instead of spaces.

5. Text to display is simply the tech name, without underscores. Always capitalise each word.

Logo and artworkEdit

I'll do this - got plenty of backgrounds, will merge them, make them pretty, then add the logo.

Wiki - CivsEdit

Need these done asap. Needs to be checked

Map testingEdit

Use the 1.8 pre release and start a single player game. We're looking for a map that has a good spawn point (very flat, has a river) and clear, defined biomes (at least 2 suitable spots for desert and 2 for snow as well as plenty temperate ones), lots of rivers that could be used to connect these spots. If you find the map, just hold onto it, we'll grab the seed from it and test it ourselves.

Testing of admin toolsEdit

For a VIP package, we need to be able to test the groups and so forth - this is Neovista's job.