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Town Management[ | ]

If you are the mayor of a town (Founder become mayor of the capital town) you must know how to manage it. This section goes over the various things you need to know about managing a town.

Upgrading a Town[ | ]

Initially, your town is only allowed to claim a small number of plots, and only allowed to build a limited number of tile improvements. As your town grows, you will want to increase the land your town owns as well as the number of tile improvements you want to build. Also, certain structures require that your town have certain upgrades before you are allowed to build them. Therefore once you have saved up enough money you may wish to upgrade your town. Using the "/town upgrade" command, you will are able to buy the following upgrades. Make sure you are aware and fully capable of paying the increased daily upkeep cost if you choose to upgrade your town. Upgrades also take time to research, factor the time it takes and plan out your town's upgrade path ahead of time.

Upgrade Tree

Town Treasury[ | ]

The town treasury is the centralized bank account for the town. All of the town's upkeep, upgrade, tax profits, trade profits, cottage profits and construction fees are automatically deducted or added to this account. If your town cannot pay it's upkeep, the amount it was overdue will be paid by the Civilization it belongs to. The leader of the Civilization will know you did not pay your debts, and this may cause tension between you and the Leader. If you cannot pay our upkeep the town will go up for sale. Aslong as you didn't pay your debts the town will stay up or sale. If it takes to long for you to pay your debt, or no other Civilization buys your town, your town will be disbanded. So its best to stay on good terms with the Leader and keep paying the upkeep.

Anybody can deposit funds into the town's treasury, but only the Mayor can withdraw them. Assistants can spend money (by building structures and researching upgrades), but only the mayor can take that money out of the treasury. Additionally, only Mayors, and Assistants to the town can see the town's treasury balance. (With the exception of a Spy).

To put funds in the town treasury you can type the following commands

/town deposit – “Deposit Funds from Town Treasury”

/town info – “Shows the treasury if you are the mayor or assistant along with other town information.”

Structures[ | ]

Structures are the backbone of town development. As mayor, it is your goal to create the perfect blend of town structures to maximize your town's output in trade, hammers(production), and beakers(science). Some structures provide active benefits to your town's residents such as the Bank, Trommel, Blacksmith, Library, and Store. Others provide passive benefits to things like your town's culture such as a Monument or a Temple. Others yet, can be used defensively such as the Cannon Tower or Scout Tower, each of these structures comes with an upkeep cost and may offer your town new upgrades. It is your job to save up money to purchase these structures, and to balance the upkeep costs. The Leader of a Civilization can build structures in your town without your permission, but the money will stil come from the town's treasury.

To build a structure, use the "/build" command. Find a place where you'd like to build a structure. Use the "/build list" command with no arguments to see a list of available structures and their cost. Pick one, then build it by using it's name. For example, to build a bank use "/build bank". The structure will begin to build itself based on where you were standing and will orient itself so that the structure's entrance faces you. If you did not like the position of the structure for some reason, use the "/build undo" command to revert the action and get a refund. You can only use "/build undo" for the last structure you build, and it only remembers until a server restart. So position your structure correctly as soon as possible then let it finish building.

Tile Improvements[ | ]

A Tile improvement is a special type of structure that centers itself around on a chunk. Tile improvements are used to give your town more coins, hammers, beakers, etc, and represent your town "working" the land around it. Your town has a limited number of tile improvements it can build based on the town's level, so as mayor you must decide based on your surroundings how best to configure your town to produce the maximum yield. Certain tile improvements such as the Trade Outpost can only be built on certain tiles (in this case a trade good).

List of Structures[ | ]
Defensive StructuresCiv & Town StructuresTile Improvements
  • Abyssal Gateway
  • Altar
  • Bank
  • Barracks
  • Blacksmith
  • Broadcast Tower
  • Granary
  • Global Market
  • Grocery
  • Hospital
  • Intelligence Agency
  • Library
  • Lighthouse
  • Monument
  • Museum
  • Public School
  • Research Lab
  • Road
  • Shipyard
  • Stable
  • Stadium
  • Store
  • University
  • Bakery
  • Cottage
  • Farm
  • Mine
  • Pasture
  • Quarry
  • Temple
  • Trommel
  • Windmill
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