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Trade is a method of generating passive income from trade goods spread throughout the world. Trade also provides special buff effects to the host town or civ that greatly increase the towns activities.

Trade Goods[ | ]

Trade Goods are represented throughout the map by bedrock pillars. Along with the pillars, they will have an item frame on each side of the pillar with the item inside being the trade good itself. Above the pillar, there will be a holographic sign telling you the name of that trade good. It will only appear once you get close enough to the trade pillar. The trade goods are randomly spread throughout the map. Towns that have trade goods located within their cultural borders may construct Trade Outposts to get the good.

  • To know more about trade goods, visit the page on Trade Goods List.

TradeGoodPillar civwar

Buff Effects[ | ]

The bonus effect on the trade goods are very powerful and when setup properly can be much more important than the coins they generate so keep this in mind when trading with other civilizations or towns. Some buffs are also stackable, meaning the more you have of them the more the town will benefit.

  • To know more about the buffs, visit the page on Buffs List.

Trade Outposts[ | ]

Trade Outposts are the structures used to collect the trade goods. Once a Trade Outpost is constructed, you will be able to get the trade good from the pillar. Trade Outposts count as Tile Improvements; when constructed it will consume one of the towns improvement slots.

  • /build trade outpost - Constructs the Trade Outpost when standing in the same chunk as a trade good. Consumes one Tile Improvement slot for the town.

TradeOutpost1 civwar

Collecting a Trade Good[ | ]

In order to harvest a trade good you must first build a Trade Outpost on top of the trade good pillar. Once the trade outpost is finished building the trade good can be collected by simply right clicking the sign to knock the item out of the frame and pick it up off the ground.

TradeOutpost2 civwar

Using a Trade Good[ | ]

In order to use a trade good simply place it in one of the empty trade good item frames of your Town Hall or Capitol. Once the trade good has been socketed, it will automatically apply its buffs and start to produce coins every hour.

  • /town info trade - Shows a list of Trade Goods being used and their yield of coins per hour.
  • /town info buffs - Shows a list of Buffs being applied to the town with the either trade goods or wonders built.

TradeGoodFramed civwar

Regeneration Hour[ | ]

You do not keep trade goods forever. Every Saturday at 2:00 PM (server time, use /civ time for help), your trade goods will be regenerated. They will respawn at the Trade Outpost's bedrock pillars for you to collect again. Sadly, you will not get payment from your trade goods at this exact hour. Be sure to get them quickly to ensure you will begin to produce more money again. Also, be aware that trade goods in their bedrock pillars and not socketed at your Town Hall or Capitol means they can be stolen!

Piracy[ | ]

Piracy is both a helpful tool to steal wealth from other civilizations and a major threat to your own trade goods. Trade goods can be stolen when a spy performs a piracy mission on a trade outpost. If the piracy mission is successful the spy will steal the trade good and have possession over it until the expiration date unless he is killed and drops it or logs out with it in his inventory. Once the trade good has expired it will reappear back in its original item frame.

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