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Town Upkeep[ | ]

Upkeep is a maintenance cost that every town in the server must pay to keep the lights on. If the upkeep is not paid and the town goes into debt for more then 5 days the town is put up for auction. Once the town is up for auction the debt can no longer be repaid and is subject to new ownership if it is sold.

The time at which upkeep is charged varies by server, but can be seen in the output of the following command: /civ time

The base cost of the 24h daily upkeep cost varies depending on the Town Level. There are additional modifiers for certain Governments, state of War, Vassal state, and Wonders.

Plot Upkeep[ | ]

Each plot the town owns incurs upkeep costs. Outside the grace distance, upkeep increases the further you range from the town's homeblock.

upkeepForBlock = 10*((distance - graceDistance)^1.5)
distance = sqrt( (homeblockX - targetBlockX)^2 + (homeblockY - targetBlockY)^2 )
graceDistance = 8

All blocks and distances are Towny X/Y values (minecraft coords at center of chunk / 16).

Structure & Improvement Upkeep[ | ]

All Structures except the town hall have upkeep. It is important to know how much a structure's upkeep is before you build it so that you know whether or not you will be able to afford it.

Related commands[ | ]

/town upkeep see your town's current total upkeep cost
/town see your town's homeblock coordinates
/plot perm see the Towny coordinates of the plot you are on
/town set homeblock reset the center of town for the purpose of calculating upkeep