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A warcamp with the control blocks marked as Obsidian

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 2x2
Required Custom Item: Warcamp
Base Control Block Hit Points: 20 LIVES
Limit Per War: 2
Special: Offensive Respawn Point

Overview[ | ]

Warcamps are used to attack the enemy civilization from a unknown spot in the wilderness in war. They are essential to take down a civilization otherwise you just respawn in your own civilization during war which includes a long walk.

Each regular player that respawn cost 1 life

Each captain player that respawn cost 5 life

If the lives of the Warcamp get to 0, it will be destroyed.

In an offensive war defending your own warcamp is a high priority - once your warcamp is destroyed it can't be rebuilt for 30 minutes!

Captains[ | ]

Captains are the players who places the warcamp. Normal players can respawn upon a captain. If a player respawns the captain will be PVP tagged for 5 seconds.

As captain you need to be online for more then 5 minutes to be a valid spown point.

Crafting a Warcamp[ | ]

The warcamp is a custom item which you have to craft to actually place it. The recipe to craft a warcamp is:


L = Milled Lumber, M = Masonry Mortar, C = Compact Stone

Improving the Warcamp[ | ]

There are two ways to make a Warcamp last longer:

- The wonder Colossus increase the control block HP by 100% !
- The policy Warcamp Hitpoints increase the control block HP by 100% and also regenerate 1 HP every 2mins.

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