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A Warehouse.

Structure Information
Chunk Area: 1x1
Required Technology: Pottery
Build Cost: 15,000 Coins
Base Upkeep Cost Per Day: 1,500 Coins
Hammer Cost: 750
Civ Points: 2,000
Hit Points: 300
Limit Per Town: 1
Special: Mines Feeding

How does the Warehouse work?[ | ]

The Warehouse is a building that is used to feed mines from one structure without the need of going to every single mine individually. It has 11 double chest of storage for the 3 types of materials needed for mines (Redstone Dust,Coal,Iron Ingot) and the mines will automatically remove it from the chests every hour and this is very convenient when you have multiple mines.

The Warehouse is simple to operate, put the required materials into the any of the chests and it would feed the mines from there.

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