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There may come a time when a civilization becomes so dominant, that a winner should be declared. Winning a game of CivCraft is not easy, but it is possible. When a game of CivCraft is won, the map will be reset, and everyone will be able to start again on equal footing. This should allow new players to get in on the ground floor, and come up with new interesting strategies from what they've learned in the previous phase.

How Does a Civilization Win?[ | ]

In order for a civilization to be declared the winner, it must meet one of the victory conditions listed below and hold it for a number of weeks. Each victory condition requires the civ to best all other civs in one or more areas and gives opposing civilizations a chance to cancel the victory, if they are able to do so.

Domination Victory[ | ]

This victory requires the mightiest military strength, solidifying your civilization as the greatest of all.

  • In order to win, you must have captured the top 4 civs that are not you. In other words, if you are not one of the top 4, you must capture the top 4. If you are one of the top 4, you must capture the #5 civ as well.
  • Civilizations are permanently captured for the victory sake; therefore, if the civilization revolts, they are still counted towards the victory.
  • If your civilization is ever captured, you can no longer obtain the domination victory.
  • If you fulfill all requirements, you instantly win the game.

Diplomatic Victory[ | ]

This victory requires careful diplomatic skills and timing. In order to win a diplomatic victory, your civilization must and control the Council Of Eight Wonder.

  • Council of Eight cost $20,000,000 and 7,500,000 hammers.
  • You cannot declare war anymore while building the Council of Eight.
  • Cannot be achieved if you own conquered town.
  • Upon finished construction, a victory countdown will be triggered.
  • Countdown last for 1 week and you must be able to maintain control of the wonder.

Cultural Victory[ | ]

This victory requires an even hand, staying out of wars and conflict, and good city management to keep your hammer and culture rates high.

  • To achieve victory, your civilization overall must have a minimum total of 25,000,000 culture.
  • Victory requires your civilization to have at least one wonder.
  • Your civilization must have a town with the highest culture in the entire world.
  • Once you meet the requirements, a countdown lasts for 2 weeks.
  • During the countdown, all towns are invincible(cannot be captured) and the victory can only be stopped by capturing the civilization's capitol or destroy all wonders.

Science Victory[ | ]

This victory requires an even hand, staying out of wars and conflict, and good city management to maximize your science output. To achieve this victory, you must be the civilization with the most accumulated beakers at the end of a 3 week period.

  • Once all technologies, that are required for Enlightenment has been researched, you may begin on an end-game technology called "Enlightenment"; which costs $50,000,000 and requires 7,500,000 beakers to research.
  • Once you complete "The Enlightenment" , you've now become enlightened and all beakers accumulated will count towards your science victory.
  • After 2 weeks of enlightenment and if you have the most beakers accumulated , your civilization will achieve the science victory.
  • If your civilization is conquered, all accumulated beakers and "The Enlightenment" is lost, delaying your victory.

What Happens When Someone 'Wins'[ | ]

The end result of a civilization winning is having the winner declared, and the map reset for another game! Resetting the map allows the game to be played again, this time with the knowledge you've learned from before. It allows us to do more balance tweaks as the game matures and we learn more, and allows new players a chance to get in on the ground floor.

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