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Add a page about wonderbuffs.

- Having 2 wonders in 1 town at the same time will grant you an aditional buff.

War Defensive War Offensive Economic Production Scientific Religious Cultural
War Defensive All your Towns' Control Blocks gain 100% bonus Hit Points from Era scaling. +4 Health permanently to all Residents. Reduces Defensive Structures and their upgrades' Coins Cost by 15% across the Civilization. Reduces Defensive Structures and their upgrades' Hammers Cost by 15% across the Civilization. Your Defensive Structures can be upgraded 1 level higher than your current maximum level. N/A Every 10 seconds, heal your Residents inside your own borders by [Host Town's Culture Level] Hit Point.
War Offensive All Residents gain +1 damage against Structures and Control Blocks. -25% Unit upkeep across the Civilization. Repairing military equipment costs 50% less. +15% Hammers toward Units and Catalysts in all Towns. +10% Catalyst success chance across the Civilization. N/A Conquered Towns have to pay 15% Culture tax to the host Town.
Economic Increases Income Rate in the host Town by 25% Hammers that are not used in this Town are converted to Coins. Reduce the Coin cost of technology by 10%. N/A You convert 3% of your Coins to Culture in the host town.
Production +15% hammer rate across the civilization. Reduces the Hammer cost of Town upgrades by 15% across the Civilization. N/A 5% of unused Hammers are used toward Civic development.
Scientific Increases the Beaker rate of the host Town by 100%. N/A Reduce the scaling per Civic completed by 15% on Coins and Culture.
Religious N/A N/A
Cultural The host Town gain 1 Culture Zone for every 2 Culture levels.