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This is the wiki for CivilizationCraft. If you are looking for the CivWar mod wiki, please go here and update your bookmarks accordingly.


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Almost As Good As a Towel[ | ]

Your backpack contains all you need to manage whatever level of complexity you wish you embark on in Civilizationcraft. Hovering your mouse over any icon will bring up a helpful tooltip about it. Click most icons will bring up additional menus. You can leave the backback at any time just as you would your inventory. If you should ever encounter an error with your backpack, you can reset it in its proper place by typing "/backpack" in the chat box (without quotes of course).

Let's start in the upper-left with the Player Head...

Player Information[ | ]

Here you can see your name, any affiliations to City-States or Civilizations you may have, your citizenship level and progress to the next level, the number of structures you are allowed to build, the number of plots you are allowed to own, and the amount of coins you're carrying. Don't worry, you can't lose any coins or XP by dying!

Mail[ | ]

Clicking the book will bring up any mail you have. Mail is sent by the game's various NPC's such as the Librarian who sends you enchanted magical items, or the Smelter who sends you more ore than you could have smelted on your own. You will also receive Bills in the mail which is the upkeep cost of maintaining your built structures. If you don't pay your bills, your structures will be deleted after 3 days.

Unit Information(Leather Chestplate)[ | ]

Displays information about the current unit you have selected in the Barracks. Default for most players is the Civilian unit. Different Units can be found on the Units page.

Settings[ | ]

Clicking the Painting will bring up your mod-specific settings.

Map[ | ]

The Map is a handy way to show some of the settings of chunks around you. Useful for builders but you wouldn't want it up all the time.

Combat Info[ | ]

Tells you how much damage you've given and taken.

Item Drops[ | ]

Tells you what you're picking up.

Scout Tower Messages[ | ]

If the comings and goings of your town don't merit your attention, you can turn them off.

Claim Plot Effects[ | ]

Toggles the particle effects which visibly indicate which plots are claimed as you step near their borders.

Structure Build Preview[ | ]

Don't ever turn this off. I mean, why would you? But I guess you can if you really want to. But seriously, you shouldn't.

Build Structures[ | ]

Clicking the brick stair brings up the build menu. Bedrock blocks indicate structures you can't build yet (you need to research their associated tech). Hover your mouse over the icons to get information about them. Clicking an icon will attempt to build the structure at the location in front of you, oriented to face you. See the Building Structures tutorial for information about this.

Demolish Nearest Structure[ | ]

The TNT block is used if you've reached your structure limit and decided you don't need a Mine after all, you can stand near it and choose this option. A dialog will appear in the chat window. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE STRUCTURE IT TELLS YOU YOU ARE DEMOLISHING It will confirm your selection just to make sure and then begin a 30-minute countdown. After this, 80% of your hammers you used to build the structure will be mailed to you.

Plot Options[ | ]

The bottom-left icon can be many things. If the plot you're standing in is unclaimed, you can claim it with this button. If you own it, you can use this button to Sell it. A dialog in the chat box will guide you through the process. If someone else owns it, you can't do anything with it, but if they're selling it, you can use this icon to buy it. Pretty handy eh?

Invite Player[ | ]

If you have invite permission in your town, you'll see a flowerpot here. Clicking it will prompt you for a player's name. Entering one will prompt that player for a confirmation they wish to join you in your rise to glory.

Manage Diplomacy[ | ]

The bookcase icon can help you navigate the complexities of your political situation. Here you can manage your standings of peace and hostility, alliances and war. While announcements of peace, alliance, and cease fire require a confirmation from the other party, you can declare hostility and war on whomever you want without their consent. Civilizations may not declare war within 48-hours of the next Wartime.

Quests[ | ]

Starting in the upper-right now with the book, the Quests system will implemented soon in 2.0, and allow players a much more personalized experience.

Perks[ | ]

If you purchased special perks through the main website, you can view them by clicking on the Sea Lantern icon.

Crafting Recipes[ | ]

And finally in the far-right of the upper row, you should be familiar with most of the common recipes if you're a veteran of minecraft, but this mod has a few special recipes related to War which you can view here.

Wiki[ | ]

The bookshelf icon in the last column of the second row is a link to this wiki.

Map[ | ]

The map icon in the very bottom right is a link to the current Dynmap of the world.

Voting[ | ]

The torch icon in the botom row will give you a link to the Voting page.

Hiding The Backpack[ | ]

Use /backpack to hide the backpack.

See Also[ | ]